Attention Beyond Views for Creative Effectiveness

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February 28th

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11 AM ET

⌛ 60 minutes

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In an increasingly digital and information-saturated environment where consumers’ attention is not limitless, understanding attention is fundamental for advertising success, now more than ever. 

The marketing industry agrees on this pivotal role of attention, with 66% of marketers worldwide saying attention has an important influence on creative effectiveness (Media Reactions 2023). 

For a long time, the common practice for advertisers and marketers has been using simple behavioral metrics such as the time viewed (playback) to define the attention their ad can command. While these measures are still prevalent, is getting views enough?


How can great attention measures elevate ads from playback to payback?

The role of attention in creative effectiveness requires to understand more than just viewability. To optimize your ads to command attention, it is also crucial to understand the depth of the attention beyond just catching the eye and measure the emotional engagement: active attention.

Join us in this webinar as we go deeper into the meaning of attention for advertising success, how to measure it and how to optimize your ads to capture attention. Experts from Affectiva and Kantar explore findings from their databases, Emotion AI analysis and share case studies to illustrate best practices.


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  • Why is attention important for advertising success
  • How to measure attention beyond viewability and types of attention
  • How attention looks on different platforms
  • How to unlock advertising success through deeper attention and emotional engagement




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