Behind the Screen:

How to Boost Entertainment Success by Measuring Emotions



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In today's ever-evolving entertainment landscape, the importance of compelling content cannot be overstated. In the entertainment industry, emotion reigns supreme, making it critical for creators to build narratives that resonate deeply to captivate audiences. Whether it is a tear-jerking drama or a heartwarming comedy, the power of emotion — when done successfully — can forge connections with viewers and transform passive consumption into active engagement.


Successful content connects with the hearts and minds of audiences through the entire journey — from content marketing with trailers and ads to entertainment content to the broader franchise experience with products and experiences — all of which play a part in unlocking powerful incremental revenue streams. With all that in mind,


How can measuring emotions help optimize the playability and marketability of trailers, TV programs, and movies to drive greater success?

Affectiva's facial coding gives deep insights into understanding audiences' reactions to content via people's facial expressions that are collected with their expressed consent. Our outputs offer unfiltered, unbiased measurement of audience engagement.


Behind the Screen: How to Boost Entertainment Success by Measuring Emotions will show you several use cases of how facial coding is being used to test entertainment content, and the type of insights our technology can provide when it comes to testing trailers, TV episodes, and films. Fill out the form below to download:

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