Emotion AI: How to Boost Business Outcomes with Narrative Insights

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November 30th

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⌛ 45 minutes

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Marketers and advertisers often talk about themselves as brand storytellers – but how do they really stand up to the experts in the field - filmmakers and program makers?   And what can they learn about how to drive viewer attention and engagement from the masters of the art?  Affectiva’s Emotion AI database of 80k prices of advertising and entertainment content sheds unique insight into this question, and provides powerful lessons for market researchers, brand professionals, and creative strategists.

Emotion AI is a technology that helps to read between the lines to truly understand if an audience is engaged and what they are feeling – by decoding the subtleties of facial expressions in the moment of viewing, and translating them into insights that are powerful and actionable.  

In this Greenbook and Affectiva free webinar, we examine what 10 years of data collected via this disruptive resTech teaches us about the tricks of great content creation and marketing, that enables marketers to craft experiences and narratives that captivate an audience, building demand and driving success.


Throughout the webinar, we’ll review case studies and quantitative analyses that explore:

  •  The role of emotions – how audience attention and emotion relates to key outcomes such as advertising sales and box office success 
  •  How advertising compares to entertainment in driving viewer emotion and the consequences of that
  •  How to get emotion right – when to use positive vs negative emotions, and how to tailor emotion to different genres or message.  
  •  Practical application beyond box office hits: Through examples from the entertainment sector and beyond, we’ll illustrate how the tricks of narrative revealed by emotion AI can drive attention & engagement with content, and thus key business outcomes across industries.

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