Emotion AI Summit 2019

Affectiva organized the 3rd Emotion AI Summit on October 15, 2019 at The State Room in Downtown Boston.

The Emotion AI Summit brought together business and technology leaders to explore what it takes to build human-centric AI, and how these approaches will bring the focus back to the people who will benefit from it. Human-centric AI will know a lot about us, and will often need deeply personal information to operate effectively. As a society, we will not -- and should not -- be comfortable with this in all cases. In a day packed with discussion and learning, the Emotion AI Summit also explored how we can deliver ethical AI that mitigates algorithmic bias while being mindful of data privacy, opt-in and consent -- and, how we do this with transparency and clarity. After all, it’s only right that we consider the human before the artificial.

We have recorded all session and made these available for you here. Fill out the form below to access the keynotes, fireside chats, panel discussion, workshops, and slides.