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Authentic empathy – How marketers can respond effectively to COVID19

Missed our webinar with Kantar on Authentic Empathy? Affectiva's Global Managing Director of Media Analytics, Graham Page, and Kantar’s Global Solutions Director, Leila Buckley, co-hosted this webinar on authentic empathy and how marketers can respond effectively to COVID-19, including:

  • If brands in your category should advertise during a time of crisis?
  • If you continue to invest, what form should your content take?
  • Which creative routes will resonate emotionally given the crisis?
  • Should you talk about coronavirus or take a ‘business
    as usual' approach? 

In order to find out how people are emotionally engaging with content, they draw on a variety of sources, including the world’s largest repository of data on emotional response to ads, and have re-tested a range of ads researched prior to the crisis. Fill out the form below to access the recorded session.