The Power of Inclusive Portrayal in Advertising

How to Get it Right: Webinar & Playbook

Not only is inclusivity in advertising a social and moral imperative, but it’s also good for business. Our analysis shows that when inclusive portrayal in advertising is executed in an authentic way, it can lead to more impactful ads and thus a more successful brand.
 But how do brands get it right? Don't worry, we've got you covered with two amazing pieces of content:
The Global Playbook:
Compiling our data driven findings, Affectiva and Kantar created the ultimate playbook to ensure your brand is incorporating inclusivity and diversity effectively. In this guide, you’ll learn:
  • How inclusion and diversity in advertising is evolving 
  • The three routes to inclusive portrayal
  • The impact inclusive advertising can have on your business
  • How facial coding can help brands authentically introduce diversity into their advertising
  • And more!
The Webinar Recording:
On May 27th, 2021, Affectiva's Global Managing Director of Media Analytics, Graham Page, Kantar’s Global Head of Creative, Daren Poole, and Kantar's Global Brand Manager, Vera Sidlova co-hosted a webinar that explored how inclusion and diversity in advertising has evolved, and the impact positive representation can have.
Find out why brands that inspire trust through inclusion have stronger growth rate and how to be one of them — fill out the form to download the guide to inclusive advertising and access the webinar recording.

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