Optimizing Road Safety and the Mobility Experience:

Euro NCAP and Driver Monitoring Systems

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Event Date:

November 12th

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9:00am EST /
3:00pm GMT +1

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Consumer rating agencies like Euro NCAP can influence the prioritization of vehicle safety systems, especially as it relates to how OEMs and Tier 1s shape their roadmap. Starting in 2020, Euro NCAP is proposing rewarding driver monitoring systems to mitigate the very significant problems of driver distraction and impairment.
This panel discussed how today’s systems need to evolve to detect more complex behaviors for the next generation of driver monitoring systems. Driver monitoring should detect complex and nuanced states of driver impairment such as levels of drowsiness, distraction and anger to ensure road safety. Understanding these driver states provides valuable insight into driver interactions with vehicle systems and other passengers to improve road safety.
To see what leading car manufacturers are doing today to address these safety requirements, watch the first in a series of automotive virtual discussions on topics related to improving safety and delivering more comfortable and enjoyable mobility experiences, using next generation driver monitoring and in-cabin sensing. In this webinar, Aptiv, Veoneer, Euro NCAP and Affectiva discussed what they are doing to improve road safety, and ultimately create a more comfortable transportation experience. the discussion centered on some key issues, such as: 
  • Euro NCAP roadmap and the timing of driver monitoring requirements
  • Use of AI in detecting states of driver impairment
  • Challenges of testing AI-based safety systems
  • Placement of in-vehicle camera sensors
  • Strategies for data collection, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • and more!

The Speakers:

rana-circle Detlef Wilke RichardSchram Speaker Headshots edit.001-2
Dr. Rana el Kaliouby
Co-Founder and CEO,
Detlef Wilke
Technical Manager,
Richard Schram
Technical Director,
Caroline Chung
Sr. Business Development Manager, Veoneer


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