Mad Men or Sad Men? Is advertising pressing the right emotional buttons?

What 50,000 ads and 8 years of data tells us about trends in advertising

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Event Date:

November 17th

Event Time:

9:00am EST
2:00pm GMT

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Over the last decade, advertisers have increasingly focused on creating emotionally resonant ad content, with the knowledge that emotions are a key predictor of sales and brand loyalty. For the past 8 years, Affectiva has applied its Emotion AI to measure ad effectiveness by analyzing consumer emotional responses to video advertising.  

Through its work with 70% of the world’s largest advertisers and 28% of the Fortune Global 500, Affectiva has amassed a massive database:

  • 53,000 ads tested
  • 10 million consumer responses
  • All collected with opt-in and consent in 90 countries

This first-of-its kind emotion database provides unparalleled insights into the impact of emotions in advertising.

Affectiva has recently conducted a large-scale analysis of its data and, in this virtual event, gave you insight into its key findings on trends in advertising.

Learn more about:  

  • How advertisers have become better at telling emotionally powerful stories, but not all advertisers use emotions effectively
  • The rise in negative emotions and how consumer responses to ads have become more polarized
  • The most effective approaches to advertising that resonate with consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic


The Speakers:

rana-circle Graham Page - circle
Dr. Rana el Kaliouby
Co-Founder and CEO, Affectiva
Graham Page
Global Managing Director, Media Analytics, Affectiva


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