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Gain a deep understanding of what’s happening in a vehicle to improve road safety and redefine the mobility experience

Road safety continues to be top priority. Euro NCAP requirements are accelerating the deployment of driver monitoring systems that use cameras and sensors to detect driver fatigue and distraction, and a child left behind. At the same time, consumers expect stellar transportation experiences that improve comfort, wellness and entertainment. To realize this, car manufacturers need a deep understanding of what takes place in a vehicle. This we call Interior Sensing.

In recent years Affectiva’s Emotion AI evolved to not only measure complex and nuanced emotions and cognitive states, but to also measure what else is happening with people in a vehicle: how are they interacting with the environment and each other, what are their activities and the objects they are using? Our patented deep learning-based software fueled by massive amounts of real-world data, uses in-vehicle cameras to measure in real time, the state of the cabin, and that of the driver and occupants in it.


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In 2021, Smart Eye, the leading provider of Driver Monitoring Systems and high-fidelity eye-tracking technology, acquired Affectiva to merge the two companies into a global AI powerhouse. Affectiva’s deep expertise in machine learning, data acquisition & annotation and AI ethics enable Smart Eye to deliver Human Insight AI that understands, supports and predicts human behavior in complex environments.

Affectiva’s automotive technology is now getting integrated into Smart Eye’s innovative Interior Sensing solutions. 

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