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Optimize content and media spend by measuring consumer emotional responses to videos, ads, movies and TV shows – unobtrusively and at scale

The Industry

It is now widely acknowledged that understanding human emotion is central to creating successful brands, customer experiences and creative content. After all, emotions influence consumer behavior. Too often still emotions are ignored or poorly understood. Organizations need the same emotional intelligence that people have – they need to understand their audiences and customers without making them think about how they feel, or even realize how they feel. Traditional approaches to gaining insight into emotions are costly, time-consuming and do not scale.

The Affectiva Solution


Emotion AI is novel technology that measures, with their consent, customers’ unfiltered and unbiased emotional and cognitive responses, unobtrusively and at scale. This enables organizations to understand how their customers and viewers feel when they can’t or won’t say so themselves.The unique insight gained can then be practically applied to improve brand experiences and communications, building more positive and meaningful connection with customers, and enabling optimization and action that directly impacts the bottom line.

Affectiva's Media Analytics solutions understand complex and nuanced emotions and cognitive states by analyzing facial movement. The solutions are built using our industry-leading Emotion AI, software that uses computer vision and deep learning, and are delivered either in the cloud or on device. There are many different applications in media analytics. Our most commonly used solutions are:  

Affectiva Media Analytics Solutions

Ad Testing

Analyze how target consumers respond to animatic and finished film video material using the emotion insight to answer creative, media and ROI challenges.

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Entertainment Content Testing

Understanding viewer emotional engagement with content such as movies and trailers is key to creating experiences that make the viewer want to see more.

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Qualitative Research

Qualitative Researchers can now accurately and authentically understand the emotional responses of participants, in both traditional physical settings and an online environment.

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Affectiva Emotion AI for Media Analytics Key Features

 <br><br>Affectiva Emotion AI for Media Analytics Key Features<br><br>Affectiva Emotion AI for Media Analytics Key Feature


Device Agnostic
Across mobile, tablet, desktop and
physical environments. Affectiva
technology works with optical sensors,
standard webcams, near infrared & RGB.


Customizable & Intuitive Analytics
Easily integrated with proven survey and other
implicit metrics to give a “whole brain” picture.
All delivered within the tailored Affectiva
interactive dashboard.


Seamless Integrations
Self-serve job setup and APIs to
integrate seamlessly with survey
platforms, enabling easy operational execution. 


Comprehensive Coverage to
Drive Actionable Guidance

31 facial classifiers, 9 emotions and
proven metrics of overall engagement
and net positivity. You’d have access to an
unparalleled pipeline of measure
development & enhancement.


Validated Measures 

Our industry leading facial coding
technology has proven to optimize,
target, and understand ROI across
different types of creative content
from video ads to movies, and more.


Unrivaled Scale, Accuracy, and an
Understanding of Cultural Context
With 12M naturalistic face videos and
6B frames of data, our system allows
us to train classifiers with unparalleled
accuracy and take into account a huge
variety of cultures and face types.

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Affectiva’s Emotion AI is used by the world’s largest brands and insights firms

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Affectiva's Media Analytics Solution is Getting Noticed

I think the accessibility of the team and the engagement of the team is phenomenal. The willingness of everyone to work with us in creating what we need to create and answering the questions that we need to answer, making sure that we have the tools to be able to do that. Not a lot of vendors in my experience go to quite the length that Affectiva team has done, which has been a pleasure to work with.


Kate Monninger, VP of Campaign Analytics, MarketCast

Affectiva’s Emotion AI technology has provided powerful insights around how people experience sound in our short film, 3 Pills. During the film’s creation, I had concerns that the visceral sound effects could disconnect viewers.Through measuring the emotional impact of our unconventional music with Affectiva’s technology, findings showed that the sound effects in question actually lead to a stronger viewer connection. I see this technology as a highly valuable complementary source of data — a new dimension.


Christian Wenger, Director & Filmmaker

Affectiva’s Emotion AI technology is a fantastic addition to Nature’s ad testing research. We can easily embed it within our surveys and then monitor and analyze a respondent’s facial expressions and emotional response as they're watching an ad. The output enhances our understanding of why the creatives are performing as they do and enables us to get very granular, pinpointing moments of emotional engagement within the ads that we're testing. This allows us to give very specific recommendations and add optimization advice on a scene by scene basis.


Lizi Pritchard, Associate Director, Nature

At CloudArmy, most of our solutions are generated through a combination of tools forming an implicit response. What was missing was a moment-by-moment system 1 metric, that can be integrated with other sources of information, such as survey responses. The ability to have robust temporal data is really valuable. For us, it was a natural thing to come to Affectiva for the scalability of the technology and great integration on the platform.


Thom Noble, President & CSO, CloudArmy

Using Affectiva’s Emotion AI analysis in a recent ad trailer test allowed us to pinpoint the exact moment where viewers emotionally disengaged while watching. Pairing those metrics with viewer commentary provided a deeper understanding of exactly what about the trailer was losing people, and enabled our client to make effective changes prior to the trailer launch.


Paige Guge, Design Researcher, Vidlet

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