Optimizing the Mobility Experience:

Unlocking Occupant Comfort, Wellbeing, and Entertainment


Event Date:

February 11th

Event Time:

9:00am EST /
3:00pm GMT +1

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In our series of automotive panel discussions, the first session covered how Euro NCAP is influencing the development of driver monitoring systems. Our second webinar discusses the challenges and opportunities of bringing to market other advanced safety features, such as child presence detection. 

Our panel of automotive experts reconvened to discuss the mobility experiences that in-cabin sensing can unlock beyond safety features.

  • How can In-Cabin Sensing improve the comfort, health and wellbeing of not only the driver, but also back seat passengers?
  • What personalized experiences will a vehicle be able to deliver when it's able to sense human emotions, cognitive states and reactions?
  • How does consumption of video, music and other entertainment content factor into this?  What about advertising?
  • What data will be needed to fuel stellar mobility experiences and what are the considerations around ownership and monetization of this data?
  • What type of AI and sensors will be required to realize these experiences, and what are the requirements around sensor placement?

Watch an exciting and thought provoking discussion of the next generation mobility experiences and the AI systems that fuel them.


The Speakers:

headshot-circle (1) RichardSchram Speaker Headshots edit.001-2 Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 12.38.03 PM
Andy Zeilman
Chief Strategy Officer,
Richard Schram
Technical Director,
Caroline Chung
Sr. Business Development Manager, Veoneer
Dr. Bryan Reimer
Research Scientist,


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