How to Be a Disruptive Thinker with “Own the AI Revolution” Author, Neil Sahota

Neil Sahota, an IBM Master Inventor, United Nations A.I. Advisor, Chief Innovation Officer, and globally-recognized speaker and author talks about his vast experience in the AI space, where he sees the future direction of AI heading, and more.

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How to Improve Flight Safety with Eye Tracking: Pilot Training and Simulation

Smart Eye's Sales Director Ulf Lofberg, and Product Manager of Research Instruments Bjorn Lindahl talk about Smart Eye's products for aviation, the practical applications of our technology and our vision for improving flight safety in the future of the aviation industry.


Emotion AI in Journalism: Trust me, I’m Human…Virtually

Leon Hawthorne — former World News Anchor for CNN International & CNBC Europe — talks about his current PhD Research ‘Talking Heads: The use of virtual human presenters in the delivery of personalized news content’. The experiment uses Affectiva's Emotion AI to detect how participants feel when they receive news from different types of virtual anchors vs. real people.

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Paving the Way for Safer Driving with AIS

Magnus Brunzell, Vice President of Fleet & Aftermarket at Smart Eye talks about their latest Product, Applied AI Systems (AIS) — a Driver Monitoring System that detects & monitors the driver's state and behavior, such as drowsiness, inattention, and more; increasing overall road safety for commercial vehicles and the aftermarket.

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Kantar: Diverse Reactions to Inclusive Advertising

Kantar's Head of Neuroscience Insights North America, Deepak Varna, dives deep into a recent webinar Kantar held on Diverse Reactions to Inclusive Advertising, some insights from which were uncovered using Affectiva’s Emotion AI methodology.

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Smart Eye Presents: Spotlight on our Female Employees on International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, our global team of working women at the Smart Eye Group talk about their background, what it means to be a woman in tech to them, and recommendations to raise awareness or take action for gender equality.

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Kantar: How to Navigate the Emotional World of Sustainability in Advertising

Affectiva's Graham Page and Kantar's Vera Sidlova give a sneak peek around an upcoming joint webinar event on how brands can make their sustainability campaigns resonate, and shared some preliminary Emotion AI analysis findings from the Kantar and Affectiva databases.

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Sure Start: Building an Opportunity Pipeline for the Diverse Tech Force of Tomorrow

Dr. Taniya Mishra, CEO and Founder of Sure Start — who also worked at Affectiva prior to starting her own company over a year ago — talks about her background, her experience in starting the EMPATH internship program at Affectiva, and her passion about educating the talent of tomorrow.


How Human Insight AI Will Transform Behavioral Research for Automotive and Beyond

Rana el Kaliouby, Martin Krantz & Peter Hartzbech talked about how the new global Smart Eye organization will deliver unparalleled technology and the opportunities for human behavioral research in automotive, academia and more.

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Reclaiming Tech for Good: The Role of Media in Corporate Accountability

Rana el Kaliouby, Deputy CEO of Smart Eye, talks with Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, Chief Executive Officer & publisher of MIT Technology Review, about how tech can still be a force for good and how journalism can help keep companies accountable and help them deliver on their promises.

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New Emotion AI introduces New Functionality for Enhanced Media Analytics Insight

Graham Page, Global MD, Media Analytics at Affectiva talks about the recent press release announcing the latest version of Affectiva’s Emotion AI product and how the unique insights we can gather from these updates can be applied to improve brand experiences and communication.

S3 E7

The Role of Eye Tracking in Understanding Human Behavior, Intentions and Interactions

Solmaz Shahmehr, VP of Research Instruments at Smart Eye talks about how our products (like Smart Eye Pro) track, measure and analyze human eye movements to create a deeper understanding of human behavior, intentions and interactions, and more.

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End-to-End Automotive Interior Sensing with Omnivision

Brian Pluckebaum, Sr. Automotive Marketing Manager at Omnivision talks about the technical workings and capabilities of Omnivision sensors within automotive specifically, and how a powerful collaboration between Smart Eye and Omnivision is shaping the future of interior sensing.

S3 E5-1

VI-grade: How Vehicle Simulation Accelerates Product Development

Two industry experts from a company called VI-grade talk about how driving simulators can help accelerate product development, the complex “human” dynamics involved in vehicle simulation, and the role eye tracking and interior sensing plays in that.

S3 E4

Hitting the Right Emotional Tone with Ad Storytelling

Vera Sidlova, Global Brand Manager, Creative at Kantar discusses how Affectiva’s advanced facial coding technology is integrated into Kantar’s methodology for ad testing to provide guidance on creative by understanding consumers’ unfiltered, moment-by-moment, emotional reactions to content.

S3 E3

The Future of Qualitative Research & the Role of Emotion AI

Our Media Analytics leaders Graham Page and Alex Duckett are joined by Two Ears One Mouth Director, Sarah Gorman to explore how qualitative researchers can benefit from using Affectiva’s #EmotionAI technology, and more.

S3 E2

SmartBox: Barrier-Free Communication Tools for Those with Disabilities

A conversation with Dougal Hawes, Managing Director of Smartbox about the launch of SmartBox’s new product, Lumin-i. Lumin-i is powered by Smart Eye's eye tracking technology and it helps people with disabilities communicate using just their eye movements.

S3 E1

CEOs Chat: Behind the Scenes of the Acquisition

A conversation between Dr. Rana el Kaliouby and Martin Krantz about Affectiva & Smart Eye's synergies, our shared vision, and the opportunities to humanize technology.


The Power of Inclusive Portrayal in Advertising

Affectiva talks with Kantar about some of the latest evidence about the power of inclusivity in advertising - and how to get it right.


It Started with a Kiss: How Emotion AI Provides Full Brain Picture of Consumer Response

Affectiva talks with CloudArmy about the power of pairing Emotion AI with neuro implicit technologies.


Data Synthesis for Better AI: For Today, and in the Future

Affectiva CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby and Synthesis AI CEO Yashar Behzadi discuss the importance of synthetic data, some of its applications today, challenges, and the ethics surrounding its use.


How In-Cabin Sensing Works to Reduce Stress: a Conversation with a Hyundai Engineer

Rana el Kaliouby talks to Dr. Jinmo Lee, Sr. Research Engineer at Hyundai about his work project "Little Big eMotion".


The Path for Female Leadership in Automotive: Jennifer Haroon

Our series “Women at the Wheel" highlights the success of amazing women in automotive; exploring the challenges they've had to navigate, and more.


Unmasking Emotions During Lockdown: Enabling Market Research in a Pandemic

Rana el Kalioyby & Graham Page from Affectiva talk to iMotions VP of Product Management, Ole Jensen, about iMotions new online data collection tool.


The Role of Scent and Emotion AI in the Vehicle of the Future

Imat-uve CEO & Software Engineer talk about the company's work of using a person’s emotional and cognitive state (via Affectiva's Emotion AI) to trigger scents within vehicles.


Beyond Road Safety: How the Automotive Industry can Unlock Occupant Comfort

Automotive experts explore how AI and computer vision can improve the comfort, health, and wellbeing of not only the driver, but also back seat passengers.


The State & Evolution of the Automotive In-Cabin Sensing Market

Affectiva Chief Strategy Officer, Andy Zeilman talks about the current state of the automotive market, how the automotive industry is evolving, and where he sees it heading in 2021 and beyond.


Optimizing the Mobility Experience: Advancing Road Safety Beyond DMS

Automotive experts explore how AI and computer vision can aid in child presence detection, seat belt detection, airbag deployment, and more.


Segmenting Viewers with Both Qualitative & Emotion AI Insights

Affectiva’s Alex Duckett & Vidlet's Paige Guge discuss integrating qualitative, quantitative, and facial coding data to ensure media content lands with the target audience.


How Brands Can Leverage Content Engagement and Viewer Behavior

Nature Research's Lizi Pritchard talks about how to understand and leverage content engagement and viewer behavior for brands and market researchers.


Cerence: Elevating Stale Vehicle Interactions by Designing with Personal State in Mind

Cerence's Stefan Hamerich shares his thoughts and ideas around designing in-vehicle systems with the human in mind.


Optimizing Road Safety and the Mobility Experience: Euro NCAP & DMS

Automotive experts discuss how today’s systems need to evolve to detect more complex behaviors for the next generation of driver monitoring systems.


Why Creativity and Emotions in Advertising Matter More than Ever

Affectiva CEO Rana el Kaliouby and Kantar's Daren Poole talk about creating ads with purpose and even humor during COVID-19, and more.


From Boston to Cairo: Fostering Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Affectiva CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby interviews Manal Ramsis, GM of Affectiva's Cairo Office to talk about the genesis and importance of our Cairo location, and how to effectively promote cross-cultural collaboration.


How to (Safely) Collect Automotive Data During a Pandemic

Affectiva Data Acquisition Manager, Ryan Abbott, talks about our approach to automotive data collection, how that process evolved with the pandemic, and even some fundraising initiatives we have in place for groups looking to contribute.


BMW: How In-Cabin Sensing Helps Build the Ultimate In-Vehicle Experience

Affectiva CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby chats with Sean Batir, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at BMW about in-cabin sensing and the future of our driving experiences.


Balancing Long-Term Brand Effects and Short-Term Activation with Unruly

Terence Scroope, VP of Insights & Solutions at Unruly, shares findings around gender stereotypes in US advertising and ads surrounding the BLM movement.


Brain Power: Empowering Those with Autism to Thrive with Emotion AI

Dr. Ned Sahin, Founder & CEO of Brain Power talks about how his company uses Emotion AI tech to help empower the learning of those in the autism spectrum.


Highlights from the Girl Decoded Virtual Book Tour 2020

Every week, Rana el Kaliouby welcomes amazing guests to her Virtual Book Tour. Here's the highlights from these lively conversations, which have explored tech innovation, ethics in AI, advancing women in tech, and leadership.


Bose: Enhancing the Vehicle Experience Through Audio

John Pelliccio, Head of Product Communications, Automotive Systems at Bose Corporation, talks about how understanding something as simple as audio can make a huge difference in your automotive experience.


Leading with Empathy: Affectiva CEO Decodes her Personal Growth Journey in New Book

Dr. Rana el Kaliouby talks about her personal journey co-founding Affectiva, her new book “Girl Decoded”, and some of her personal stories around leadership.


Make Brand Decisions Based on How Customers Feel with Emotion AI

Graham Page, Global Managing Director of Media Analytics at Affectiva, talks about how Emotion AI serves as a tool to understand natural response to ads.


Human First: Highlights from the 2019 Emotion AI Summit

We talk about human-centric AI with six speakers at Affectiva’s 2019 Emotion AI Summit.


How Affectiva is Building a Responsive and Adaptive In-Cabin Environment

Affectiva Sr. Product Manager Abdo Mahmoud talks about how Affectiva’s Human Perception AI tech aims to enhance occupant experience


Unpacking Human Behavior with iMotions Biosensing Technology

Dr. Jessica Wilson, Senior Product Specialist at iMotions talks about how commercially available tools in neuroscience can help you define human behavior for yourself


Designing a New Age of Automotive with Unity Interactive Experiences

Danny Lange, VP of AI and Machine Learning at Unity talks about his thoughts around technical hurdles to overcome around the design of autonomous vehicles



Challenges in Inferring Emotion from Human Facial Movement

Affectiva's CEO Rana el Kaliouby interviews Lisa Feldman Barrett, distinguished Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University, where she focuses on the study of emotion


(Re)Building Smiles: Doctor Uses AI to Restore Patient Facial Expressions

Plastic surgeon Dr. Joe Dusseldorp explains how he has worked with physicians to put together a program using AI to help patients suffering from the loss of facial movement


Scaling Companies with AI: How Talla Improves Workplace Productivity

Affectiva CEO Rana el Kaliouby interviews Rob May, CEO of Talla. Rob talks about his engineering background, his current work in the customer support automation space & trends he is seeing as an angel investor



Improving Road Safety With In-Cabin Sensing AI

Affectiva's Product Manager, Mike Gionfriddo talks about his background focused on in-vehicle technology, what he sees as challenges within the automotive industry and how Affectiva’s Human Perception AI technology plays into that


Aptiv: The Challenges and Potential of Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, interviews Dr. Karl Iagnemma, President of Autonomous Mobility at Aptiv to talk about how autonomous vehicle tech will transform the future of transportation & mobility

Forging the AI-Human Partnership in Next Generation Vehicles

Gabi Zijderveld, Affectiva's CMO interviews Bryan Reimer, Research Scientist at MIT AgeLab & Associate Director of the New England University Transportation Center to talk about some of the challenges of AI in automotive

Preventing Vehicular Heatstroke with Bag in the Back

Karen Osorio, Senior R&D Scientist at Procter and Gamble, and President + Co-Founder of Bag in The Back, talks about the dangers of vehicular heatstroke

Nuance: The User Experience of In-Vehicle Emotion Detection

What will the experience of future drivers or passengers look like in the cars of tomorrow? This is the question that Adam Emfield, senior manager of user experience at Nuance Automotive, studies

Veoneer: How to Build Trust with Vehicles to Improve Road Safety

How can we create trust in mobility? That is the question Ola Boström, the Vice President of Research wrestles with at Veoneer. Veoneer designs, compiles and sells software, hardware and systems for active safety, autonomous driving, occupant protection and brake control

Intro Episode: About Affectiva Asks

Welcome to Affectiva Asks, our new podcast focused on all things related to human-centric AI. Affectiva Director of Marketing Ashley McManus joins CMO Gabi Zijderveld to introduce more about our podcast, why we are doing this, what type of content we'll be covering, and what else to expect